Concept art created for the development of a game prototype made during my third year of Sheridan college's Game Design program. For this project, I served as the Concept Artist and 2D game artist on a team of five.


In the near future, two detectives must pursue a trail of death in a museum to uncover a deadly conspiracy - one that involves a sinister supernatural force older than our species itself.


  • Guided visual development for the whole project.

  • Created concept art for characters and mood.

  • Created 2D character art for in-game representation for the prototype.



  • Creating characters to embody the dialogue written by the game's lead writer.

  • Finding an equilibrium between classic Noir detective costumes and futuristic design.

  • Use color to create tension and intrigue.

  • Creating a dark and unnerving atmosphere to supplement the horror narrative.

  • Combining futurism and supernatural horror in a fresh way.

  • Creating 2D in-game assets (as seen below in the prototype footage) that retained the conceptual design despite the stylistic deviation.


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