Dragonslayers is a long standing mythological genre that I play with to exercise my storyboarding skills. So far, it features 2 characters that I designed in my early years of making art, now refurbished with a professional touch.


Marni is a Dragonslayer looking for a mentor who can help her master her magical gifts, which allow her to manipulate Silver Dragon's Blood using crystal nodes as telekinetic receivers. The metal-like blood can harden or liquify as she wills it to. "Marni" (meaning "slayer" in Sanskrit) is a moniker she is given for her reputation as a hunter.

Marni - Mage Knight Design.jpg


Dragonslayer Storyboard


Concept for a Mesopotamian priestess named Nanaya who has been granted a divine weapon by her alien deities- The Annunaki.

Nanaya character design


Nanaya's costume is rife with animal motifs as allusions to Mesopotamian myths and their interpretations of the roles of animals in a realm of gods and men. Her costume's primary motif is feather-like and sharp, representative of the owl, the holy bid associated with Ereshkigal, the goddess of the underworld whom Nanaya must serve in her quest to close the gates between the overworld and underworld. Included in the costume are symbols of her alleigance to her original deity of favor, Inanna-Ishtar, the goddess of love, war, conquest, beauty and fertility, one of ancient Uruk's most revered deities. The 8 pointed star on her chest symbolizes Innana-Ishtar's aspect of benevolence and justice while the lions on her knees represent power and a duty to guard against evil. Her shoes are shaped like scorpions since scorpions were associated with guarding the gates to the underworld. The use of red and blue were derived from research into dyes found by archaeologist and speculated to be the most popular ones in use in high society Uruk. Her hair ornament is designed to look like an inverted crown, an allusion to her desire to defeat the King, the person who opens the gates to the underworld in the premise of this concept.